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Finally! How To Protect Your Trade Business Without the Expensive Legal Fees or Time Consuming Setup. Guaranteed!

Trade Terms

Real trade terms based on hours of conversations with real tradies and subbies

Written by Lawyers

Written by real building and construction lawyers who act for subbies and tradies

Easy to Use

Our trade terms work with all quoting systems


Use as many times as you like during your subscription, pricing from $19 per month

Finally.. A Quick & Easy Way for You To Protect Your Business & Have Peace of Mind!

Are you sick of just not knowing if your business is protected? Tired of flying blind and not knowing exactly what your legal requirements are? And looking for ways to complete your quoting and contract processes faster?


At TradeBox, we help tradies protect their businesses with trade terms that easy to use and comply with all your legal requirements.


We have shown tradies how to easily protect their businesses without having to install new apps, spend hours filling in pages of contract forms or pay for expensive legal fees. We can do the same for you too.

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Danger construction

Simply Follow Our Guides and Use Our Terms & You'll Avoid Spending Thousands on Disputes, Fines and Legal Fees

Protecting your trade business is much easier than you think. Many tradies simply don't know how important it is to get their terms and processes sorted until they have a dispute and lose thousands.


We've done the hard work for you, so all you need to do is follow our step-by-step guides and use our trade terms and you will protect your business in no time.


You won't just save time either. When you use our terms and follow our guidance closely, you will save thousands and protect your business against far more risks, than you would ever be able to achieve or contemplate on your own.

Here's A Brief Outline of What TradeBox Terms Cover

  • Real trade terms written for real tradies

    Because no one understands being a tradie like tradies, the lawyers spent hours talking with tradies and subbies to find out the real issues facing their businesses every day. Issues like enforcing payment, the site not being ready for your trade, access to site, invoices being hacked, COVID and variations.

  • Written by real tradie lawyers

    That's right! We hired the lawyers to write these terms, but not just any lawyers. They're a building and construction law practice who act for subbies and tradies and are known advocates for subbies and tradies (Aitchison Reid).

  • QBCC compliant

    All of our trade terms comply with QBCC's requirements, whether domestic building trade terms and commercial construction trade terms. And for domestic building we've thrown in all the other documents you need to comply with your obligations.

  • Easy to use

    TradeBox is not another app or system that you need to set up and put your team through hours of training. TradeBox terms work with any quoting system that you have.

  • Personalised with your details and logo

    Because we want you to look good!

  • You can choose to add extra terms

    With our Pick and Mix terms you can add extra trade related terms, such as Landscaping, Plumbing, Concreting. Learn more about our commercial trade schedules and domestic building trade schedules on our website. You can also pick specific clauses depending on your business needs. Learn more about our commercial specific clauses schedules and our domestic building specific clauses schedules on our website.

  • Updates are included!

    That's right, while you are subscribed we will keep your terms up dated with the latest law changes.

  • Subscriptions from just $19 per month

    We understand the importance of cashflow to any business. So we've kept the cost down and spread payments over the full 12 months. There is a set up fee, which is the cost of two months' subscription.

  • Terms hosted online and provided in PDF

    It doesn't matter if you don't have website or have no idea what to do with technology, we host your terms online. This means adding your terms to your quoting system can be as easy as adding some special words and a link. See our example commercial and domestic hosted terms on our website. We also provide the terms in PDF so you can add the terms as an attachment to an email. For domestic building, the schedule and compliance documents are provided to you in Microsoft Word so that you can create templates and cut your admin time down. In fact, our schedule for domestic building is only 3 pages long including the signing page!

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